My earliest memories in grade five reminds me of an incidence where we were given our answer sheets to calculate the marks, add them, check if everything is fine and return back. I got lesser marks than my fellow mate who used to top the class every time. I was sitting beside her, got an opportunity to peep in her sheets. I was really amazed to see that she reproduced exactly word to word as was mentioned in the book. But when I looked at my sheets I was a Sheikh Chilli writing stories and giving examples. From then, in every other grade I started to improve myself i.e. I made a promise to myself to mug up and vomit. But it was of no use because when I got the copy I was in my own imaginary world. Gradually I realized that this was not my cup of tea.

Its been ages now my son who is six is going through the same dilemma. He wrote an answer by him which was pretty long, as the teacher prefers to copy from the board and keep it short. The teacher crossed the answer and mentioned that it was not required. From that particular day he says mamma its not required”. He has stopped thinking and started copying and mugging up.

When I was in primitive stage of my education, my grandfather [who was an educationist] used to sit in the backyard with 20 students at four o clock in the morning and taught them English grammar.  I used to sit beside and feel proud sitting next to him [Guru Ji]. Then I had a dream, a dream to be someone like my Dadaji “educated and literate” together

While doing my graduation I started taking tuitions which helped me financially and hand in hand satisfy my inner urge of teaching. After completing my PG in commerce. I passed an interview and went for a job in a primary school. My passion for studying further motivated me to join MBA which was though a correspondence course went well with my job. My father suggested me to join college as an ad hoc teacher. I was interviewed and selected for teaching MBA, MCA and IGNOU students. But for getting a permanent seat in the university a PhD was essential. I sat for a PhD entrance test and cleared it but somehow things didnt work well and I dropped my PhD.

I got married and was engaged raising my kids. In the meanwhile I did a Diploma in Montessori teaching. My zeal and enthusiasm for learning, fine tuning myself as a teacher helped me find I AM A TEACHER”.

I am sure that I Am A Teacher is going to give me a better platform, a good exposure and of course help me to be a real me who can look within oneself, introspect and reflect.