Education System

The basic concept of the complete so called Education System was meant to acquire knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Since the Ancient Times, it has changed, evolved and has been developing day over day. During ancient civilization, people needed to study writing and reading to transmit knowledge from person to person and from generation to generation. From that time itself education has become an important part of every one’s life and still it continues and will remain forever. Education is the basic thing in every one’s life. Everyone must acquire basic education to live in this society.

If we look into the ancient day’s education system, it transformed from different periods such as Vedic, Brahmanical, Muslim, British periods. The emphasis on the type and content of education was different in every period such as Vedic periods schools were boarding type and importance on physical training and war was given. Followed by Brahmanical education system where importance of VEDAS was preached. There was major change in the complete education system seen during the Mughal Rule. Education was for all castes. The invasion of British makes some advantages in the education field. School education system was introduced which is still followed. Education system gives equal importance to both teachers and students.

Comparing the past and the present, there are significant differences. Although the education system has evolved in modern world but the development of a person is less significant and earning money through the system is more focussed by the institutions. We see several youth with very good grades but with no knowledge. Sometime they use their own unfair means and sometimes supported by organizations for financial benefits.

Within these nearby days a rapid change is occurring in the education system. The future of education system is still uncertain. Government authorities have started to take the responsibility for it and have started making policies and strategies to make useful changes in the education system. Future education system should give more importance to technical and professional education together with moral education. Educated citizen are the asset of any nation and play vital role in the development of the nations.