Language in early years

Language in early years is a constructive process which is drawn through interactions from socio-cultural environment. Its non linear process. The way child is immersed in oral language, similarly the child should be exposed to reading and writing. Marie Klay used the term “emergent literacy” in 1980. This is the kind of literacy qualitatively differs from the literacy of adults.

Conventional literacy accepts a certain set of norms. Both are legitimate form of literacy. Emergent literacy is not less qualitative in anyway. Infact, its a continuum. You acquire conventional and keep refining throughout, it is not a line segment. Both the education system are in line with each other.

It is also possible to follow the child’s path of literacy. The kids gather all for their purpose and use different forms to express it. The emergent literacy approach says to first note what the child knows and then to proceed further.